Keynote Speakers


             Lucy Kalanithi, MD, FACP

            Clinical Assistant Professor

      Stanford University School of Medicine


             Mickey Trockel, MD, PhD

           Clinical Associate Professor

               Stanford University


        Colin West, MD, PhD, FACP

           Professor of Medicine

                 Mayo Clinic


               Mary Brandt, MD, FACS

                Professor of Surgery

             Baylor College of Medicine


                Cady Coleman, PhD

             Former NASA Astronaut

           Colonel, USAF (ret), Chemist

#1 New York Times Bestseller & Finalist for Pulitzer Prize


THURS MAY 16 Self Promotion/ Professional Development

12:30 Opening - Burnout

1 Imelda Tjia, MD……Difficult Conversations/ Strengthening Professional Interactions

2 Julie Izzo, MD…………….Navigating Land Mines/ Strategy for Academic Success

3 Carin Hagberg, MD…….Imposter Syndrome

7 dinner

8 Networking Reception and book signing

FRIDAY MAY 17 Evidence-based/ Validated measurement/ Crisis Management

8 Colin West, MD……..Charter for PhysicianWellbeing

9 Eric Williams, MD…..The Impact of Burnout on Quality

10 Mickey Trockel, MD.... Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Strategies to Create a Culture of Wellness 

11 Lucy Kalanithi, MD... Moral, Ethical, and Personal Challenges Physicians Face When Caring for Others  

12 lunch

1 Mary Brandt, MD/ Catherine Coleman, Astronaut….Inner & Outer Space: Finding Awe in Your Work 

6:30 networking reception L’Orangerie yard

7 dinner

SATURDAY MAY 18 Relationships and Reflections

8 Ken Sapire, MD….COMPASS Technique for Addressing Professional Wellness

9  Brent Kaziny, MD….Moral Commitment in the Face of Crisis/ the ER’s Response During Katrina

10 Jennifer Mc Quade, MD….Moral Commitment in the Face of Crisis/ Establishing a National Response

11 Moderated Poster Session

12 lunch

1 Aparna Iyer, MD………

5:45 Myles Lee, MD….. Creativity Beyond Cardiac Surgery: The Expanded Education of a False God 

6:30 Los Angeles Physician Symphony Members Networking Reception 

7 dinner

SUNDAY MAY 19 Workshops

8 Ken Sapire workshop

9 Ken Sapire workshop

10 Adjournment

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