Charles S. DeJohn, MD, PhD


Grant Application

The Charles S. DeJohn, MD, PhD grant is funded through philanthrophic efforts in a commitment to support education of 

physician wellness and career sustainability.

The grant support is available to help fund attendance at Burnout to Brilliance. 

This opportunity is open to trainees who require financial support for travel, registration, and additional professional expenses in order to participate with an abstract presentation at the symposium. The direct cost incurred by the winner will be covered up to a maximum of $1,000.00.  Applications will be reviewed by a committee, and the winner will be notified by February 25, 2019.


1) Proof of participation in an accredited training program for MD / DO degree.
2) Abstract submission and acceptance at Burnout to Brilliance.
3) Commitment to attend the symposium and participate in the moderated poster session.

1)  Abstract submission and grant application must be received by  February 1, 2019.
2)  Email your application to
3)  Click below to access the grant application.